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Flint, Mi Water Lead Contamination: A Crisis With Lasting Grim Effects

After years of authorities turning a blind eye on the crisis in Flint, Michigan, the real situation has finally unfolded before the public—an austerity measure gone wrong, covered up by web of lies fabricated and perpetuated by people in government seats, destroying and risking the lives of many, with its grim effects forever haunting the people it affected, especially children.

For those who have just learned about the lead contamination and water crisis in Flint, which have been happening for years,  it feels like a shocking revelation that people in authority are willing to risk the lives of the people. But for those living in Flint since the silent, slow, but fatal onslaught of the killer water; it is nothing but a daily struggle they need to overcome in the name of survival.

The Beginning of Onslaught

The water contamination crisis in Flint began when Rick Snyder appointed emergency managers for some of the state’s poor municipalities, which include Flint. In April 2014 emergency managers in Flint decided to stop buying water from Detroit and source out supply from the Flint River instead to save money. The river itself is filthy and soon water coming out of the faucet turns smelly and brown and tastes weird. However, residents’ complaints were easily dismissed and were instead advised to boil water.  Health complications start to arise but no one took anything seriously.

Soon enough more complaints arise, more people are getting sicker. The Flint River water is not just contaminated by iron coming off the pipes, it also has lead- a dangerously fatal neurotoxin. It is only when public health status reached an alarming rate that authorities began digging and some insider began talking. Soon the Congressional Committee comes in and investigate holding some authorities, past and present, accountable.

A Problem Beyond Flint

The problem of lead contamination is not only exclusive to Flint and the state of Michigan. Reports of lead contamination in drinking water among various states continue to rise overtime. A situation that must be addressed and resolved before further problems happen generally on people’s lifestyle and particularly on their health.

Tap water at home, in many states, cannot be easily relied to, as they carry possible threats to health, especially to kids’. Lead contamination continue to happen and some are not even aware of it happening, which prompts caution and vigilance to every household.

Protecting Your Family

The best way to protect your family from these and the threats of lead poisoning is to make sure that your water and your home is free from this fatal neurotoxin. Hiring lead inspection services like AAA Lead Inspections and Consultants can help you avoid the perils of lead poisoning.

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