Lead Paint Risk Assessment Company

If you have concerns about lead contamination but are not prepared for a comprehensive inspection, consider a lead risk assessment conducted on your home by AAA Lead Consultants. With a lead assessment, we will help you confront lead paint risk by visually inspecting paint surfaces and taking samples for laboratory testing. No other certified lead consulting service can claim the same level of effectiveness or dedication to customer service as AAA Lead Consultants. AAA Lead Consultants serves Southern California, primarily Los Angeles County, Orange County, Riverside County, San Bernardino County, and San Diego County.

AAA Lead Consultants has your health and safety in mind with its affordable and accurate inspection services. If you live in an older home that was constructed before strict anti-lead legislation was implemented in California, consider a call to AAA Lead Consultants to schedule a lead-based paint consulting appointment. No other lead consulting firm provides the customer service for which AAA Lead Consultants is well known. AAA Lead Consultants’ lead inspections help maintain the environment as a safe place in which to live.

AAA Lead Consultants can help you guard against the serious health problems that contact with lead-based products and paint coatings can cause. Exposures to lead-based paint can cause lead poisoning, particularly in children. Lead poisoning can harm a child’s brain and cause learning and behavior problems that may last a lifetime. Most children will not look or act sick, so a blood test for lead is the only way to find out if they have lead poisoning. Review the risk factors and any possible lead sources your child may be exposed to with your health care provider. To minimize your family’s exposure to lead-based paint and other toxic substances, contact AAA Lead Consultants and plan a lead examination. The effects of degrading lead-based paint should not be underestimated.

A safety risk assessment conducted by AAA Lead Consultants could result in the discovery of toxic lead hazards in your home. Set up a lead hazard appraisal with AAA Lead Consultants and if lead should be discovered, you will want a full inspection conducted. Should removal of lead contaminated material be necessary, AAA Lead Consultants can guide you through the process.
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Don’t wait to schedule a lead assessment or lead risk assessment with AAA Lead Consultants; to prevent lead poisoning, it is essential to reduce risk to exposure of lead hazards.

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