Lead Consultant/Operations Manager


American Water Works Association, Water Sampling Seminar, 1991
Lead Inspector Training, UCSD, 1992
Lead Abatement Training for Supervisors and Contractors, UCSD, 1994
Risk Assessment Protocol for Lead Contamination, UCSD, 1994
Project Design, UC Berkeley, 1996


California State Certified Lead-Related Construction Inspector I Assessor, # 1437
California State Certified Lead-Related Construction Project Monitor, # M437
California State Certified Lead Related Construction Project Designer #D437
California State Certified Lead Related Construction Supervisor #S437
EPA Lead Inspector Training Certificate # 1-0024
EPA Lead Abatement Supervisor I Contractor Training Certificate # S-0 167
AWWA, Water Sampling Certificate, 1991
Radioactive Material License # 6212-33
Trained and Certified XRF Operator, 1994


Mr. Cohn has over twenty years experience in the environmental field, the last nineteen of which he has been specializing in identifying and assessing lead hazards. He is currently an Advisor to the Committee of the State Health Department regarding Lead Hazard Reduction Regulations and has been instrumental in developing the “state certification exam” for lead supervisors. Mr. Cohn is responsible for scheduling and managing lead inspections, preparing lead removal specifications, monitoring lead removal projects and developing and implementing management plans.

He has been involved in a diverse range of projects. Mr. Cohn has performed field inspections using the Warrington Microlead 1 X-Ray Fluorescence Analyzer and most recently the RMD LPA-1 Lead Paint Inspection System. Mr. Cohn has performed thousands of tests at locations including government, industry, housing, educational institutions, correctional institutions, private citizens and non-governmental institutions.

When managing a project Mr. Cohn is available to the client 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to resolve any questions or incidents that may arise. To date, Mr. Cohn has completed all of his lead projects within the required deadlines at or under budget.